Ubi-Chord: Services provision in dynamic networks based on p2p protocols

TitleUbi-Chord: Services provision in dynamic networks based on p2p protocols
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsGouvas P, Bouras T, Zafeiropoulos A, Liakopoulos A
ISBN Number978-1-4577-0025-5
Call Number0000

Future networks are becoming larger in scale, more dynamic and heterogeneous, imposing new requirements to the design and provision of advanced services. In order to cope with these requirements, new approaches have to be proposed that are able to handle the changes in the network topology in an autonomic manner and relieve application developers from dealing with network topology volatility. In this paper, an approach for efficiently designing services is proposed, based on an existing generic framework that facilitates the design and development of autonomic and decentralized services in ad-hoc networks. The design of the services is realized independently from the underlying physical network while specific functions are provided to application developers for deploying useful applications. Through a set of emulations over a reference implementation, it is demonstrated that services may be efficiently and reliably delivered over a dynamic network.