On the optimal, fair and channel-aware cognitive radio network reconfiguration

TitleOn the optimal, fair and channel-aware cognitive radio network reconfiguration
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsArkoulis S, Anifantis E, Karyotis V, Papavassiliou S, Mitrou N
JournalComputer Networks

In this work, we focus on the Joint Channel Assignment and Routing (JCAR) problem in Cognitive Radio Networks (CRNs) and especially on the optimal reconfiguration of secondary networks under the presence of primary users. Secondary CRN users need to adapt their transmission channels promptly, while effectively limit additional or escalating system modifications triggered by the intertweaved primary user activity. Our approach takes into consideration the underlying spectrum switching dynamics and concurrently aims at a fair resource allocation among the active network flows. We take an optimization perspective and formulate the JCAR and network reconfiguration problems as mixed integer linear programs, addressing fairness concerns as well. We propose a heuristic approach which is based on a sequential reduced search space methodology, in order to obtain efficiently solutions of otherwise tough and demanding reconfiguration problems. The operation, effectiveness and performance of the proposed mechanisms are evaluated through analysis and simulations under various working conditions. The obtained numerical results indicate the benefits of the proposed schemes in terms of overhead performance and their scaling properties with respect to more realistic and thus demanding topologies.