A Location-Based Multimedia Content Delivery System for Monitoring Purposes

TitleA Location-Based Multimedia Content Delivery System for Monitoring Purposes
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsSotiriou A.D, Kalliaras P, Stathopoulos P., Tountopoulos V., Mitrou N.
Conference LocationCairo, Egypt

Abstract- In this paper, we present and evaluate a location-based system for the intelligent distribution of image and video data to mobile users. The system design is focused in enhancing the services offered by existing monitoring systems, using fixed and ad-hoc wireless mobile cameras. This system provides enhanced functionality by directing the information generated to the most appropriate user and by providing the means to coordinate them in an effective way. Live video streaming, offline storage and transfer of still images/video are provided in bi-directional way. In conjunction with location-based techniques, through the use of GPS and GPRS, the video is intelligently fed to the most appropriate recipient, based on criteria, such as the user profile, the overall system situation, as well as their location within the service area of the system. Towards this end, the system makes use of agent middleware technology demonstrating the highly levels of flexibility and responsiveness in a monitoring application, that can be achieved using such middleware technologies. Finally, preliminary results from testing the system under different conditions are presented. Key-Words – video streaming, monitoring, agents, location based services 1