A Lightweight Approach for Providing Location based Content Retrieval

TitleA Lightweight Approach for Providing Location based Content Retrieval
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsZafeiropoulos A., Solidakis E., Zoi S., Konstantinou N., Papageorgiou P.

This paper presents a lightweight approach for providing web-based location aware multimedia content retrieval through Java enabled handheld devices. The main distinguishing characteristic of the proposed approach is that it separates the positioning system from the content access mechanisms, while being generic to the selection of the localization technology, i.e. GPS, Bluetooth, etc. Furthermore, it is built as an open, standards-based, modular architecture comprising a core of reusable components and interfaces for supporting different types of services, through web technologies. On-site services are provided through smart phones, which exploit the user's contextual state, mainly defined as end-user location and organization of points of interest. A test case of a museum e-guidance application for Bluetooth enabled smart phones is presented.