The MC&WT/NTUA Research Group has been established within the Computer Networks Laboratory in order to undertake educational and research activities in the specific fields of multimedia communications and the Internet/WWW-related technologies, with applications in areas such as e-learning, e-culture, e-commerce, e- government.

By fully exploiting its members' background and long expertise in all networking aspects (LANs and WANs, broadband networks, wireless networks, intelligent networks, network security etc.), since 1999 the group has focused on (but not been strictly confined to) the fields of networked multimedia and web applications, with intensive research work on QoS-aware Internet and wireless networks as well as on building applications that could adapt to and/or take full advantage of the underlying network infrastructure. Content management through the Web, wireless access to content, distance learning and distributed simulation are but few of the target application areas the MC&WT/NTUA group is currently being activated in. Special emphasis is being given to the fields of cultural heritage, content management and intelligent web application development.